Combining a Comprehensive Range of VoIP Applications in a Single Platform

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BroadWorks Applications

BroadWorks VoIP communications application server enables service providers to offer a comprehensive portfolio of business and consumer communications applications and value added applications from a common network platform. BroadWorks delivers communication solutions that integrate video, fax, voice and email communications for businesses and consumers worldwide whether through IP PBX/Centrex, Mobile PBX, Business Line, Trunking and consumer solutions.

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Value Added Applications

BroadWorks goes beyond connecting an IP pipe to a user. Our advanced calling features allow service providers the ability to offer innovative, compelling, revenue-generating solutions to both business and residential customers.

For example BroadWorks offers service providers the power to provide their customers with the ability to dial to and from anywhere in the world without worrying about high-cost long distance charges.

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Integrated Solutions

Employees and consumers alike want the ability to customize their communication options. BroadSoft offers integrated communication solutions that give individuals the ability to chat via IM, text messaging, manage their calendar through voice automation and click-to-dial from their computer or placing a video call.

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