BroadCloud Text Messaging

With BroadCloud Text Messaging, users can use apps running on a wide range of devices to to send and/or receive SMS messages. Any messages sent to a user's work or home number will be delivered to the app on their mobile device. Similarly, messages that are sent from the app will appear as messages transmitted from a user's home or work number. The apps are available for iPhone, iPad and Android Devices, and a web based application extends SMS capability to any PC.

BroadCloud Text Messaging provides an opportunity for service providers to tap into the growing market for text message communications.

End-User Benefits

One Number

Use one business number to streamline voice and text communications.

Easy Accessibility

Access SMS messages from multiple devices at the same time.

Low Costs

Avoid incurring work phone costs, by enabling employees to contact each other instantly through SMS.

Avoid Roam Charges

Stay connected over internet, without paying expensive SMS roaming charges.

Msg.Now Apps

Easy to install and easy-to-use rich applications for mobile devices (iPhone, iPad and Android devices) and PCs.

Service Provider Benefits

New Revenue Sources

Fixed-line providers can tap into new markets once exclusive to mobile operators.

Minimal Startup Costs

Rapid deployment and minimal startup costs since the service is hosted in the Cloud.

Quick Deployment

The ready-to-use Msg.Now app is available through Apple and Android Marketplace at no additional cost. Service Providers can publish the Web App under their own URL.

Supports Heterogeneous Networks

BroadCloud Text Messaging, as an over-the-top service, works on any direct inward dial (DID) number independent of the voice technology. Business customers can get BroadCloud Text Messaging whether they have TDM PBX, IP PBX, SIP Trunk or Hosted PBX.